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D-Book Conformance

The D-Book is the technical specification for all UK Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) based platforms including Freeview Play, Freely, YouView, EETV, Now TV, Freesat, and several international adaptations such as Freeview New Zealand.

The D-Book defines the DTT platforms in the UK and provides requirements for interoperability in clear, unambiguous language. Based on international standards it is produced collaboratively by industry experts and only includes features where there is a guarantee or shared wish to implement on the platform. Where appropriate it delivers harmonisation with other international bodies, enabling manufacturers and service providers to deliver products to market.

D-Book conformance is a requirement for compliance with the UK market

There are three conformance test suites connected to the D-Book:

  • D-Book Conformance Test Suites (required for Freeview Play, Freely, UK DTT platforms and UK DTT devices)
  • Freesat Conformance Test Suites
  • Freeview NZ Conformance Test Suites

The test suites can be licenced for use in-house via end-user licencing agreements, or full testing can be carried out by DTG Testing to an agreed test plan.

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Freeview Play or Freely Conformance

We offer a complete testing service including training and consultancy for developing and validating all the elements of the Freeview Play or Freely certification and trademark use which includes the following:

  • D-Book Conformance Testing
  • Metadata Delivery & Presentation Testing (MDS)
  • Content Provider (CP) Player Testing
  • Platform Technology Testing
  • HbbTV Conformance Testing
  • Operator App Testing

Manufacturers can book full test or separate test slots of individual Freeview Play or Freely elements.

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BBC TV Platform Pre-conformance

This service helps manufacturers to identify and debug issues (if any) before booking the final certification conformance testing with BBC. It includes ACT, BBC Test Charters, HBBTV & FVP/Freely tests.

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Performance Test Suite

Developed with input from the UK’s leading TV & Set-top box retailers and Freeview platform operator Digital UK, the DTG Performance Test Suite measures devices against key functionality metrics to the minimum reasonable standard agreed with industry.

With 23 specific tests across video and audio performance, application performance, remote control performance and overall system performance, manufacturers and retailers can both ensure devices exceed those retailer-set expectations, and benchmark them against any other competitive device in the market.

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DVB-I Test Suite

The DTG DVB-I Test Suite provides comprehensive, reliable reference metadata and media streams and a suite of test cases to validate all aspects of the DVB-I Specification.

The metadata allows developers to create and deploy DVB-I clients with confidence, while the test portal allows testing and fault rectification to be carried out efficiently. It provides an essential component for creating a worldwide connected ecosystem for DVB-I.

The test suite can be licenced for use in-house via end-user licencing agreements, or full testing can be carried out by DTG Testing to an agreed test plan.

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Cyber Security Testing/Monitoring to British Standards Institute (BSI) Certification and ETSI EU Requirements

The cybersecurity threat around connected devices is a critical issue. Upcoming legislation (Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill) will lay down a compliance baseline, but the real market opportunity lies in driving best practice in an area that is moving closer to the top of the consumer agenda.

Certification offers proactive manufacturers the opportunity to leverage first mover advantage, parlaying it into a point of differentiation and positioning themselves and their products as the most trusted on the market.

DTG JV SafeShark is there to take care of your secure by design device testing and monitoring and now is the time to act.

  • UK and EU market access requirements are under development now
  • These represent a minimum baseline requirement for compliance and on their own are not enough to build trust around a product or brand
  • Protect your customers, your business, your investors, your reputation, and your brand position
  • Prepare for the legislation and increasing consumer demand before this becomes a business-critical issue
  • Enhance your products and brand early on, building a reputation and trust by taking a hard consumer protection stance
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Product Testing Against ETSI Standards

UK and EU market access requirements for consumer electronics include performance verification testing. This includes testing the wireless performance of products to ensure they do not cause, and are robust to, interference, which requires specialist facilities and engineering resource.

DTG Testing’s ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab in central London, provides a wide range of wireless product testing to ensure that manufacturers meet market access requirements by demonstrating conformity to the UK and EU radio equipment regulations (RER and RED respectively). We cover the following product categories and can also provide bespoke testing on request:

  • DTT receivers (ETSI EN 303 340)
  • Satellite receivers (ETSI EN 303 372)
  • Radio receivers AM/FM/DAB (ETSI EN 303 345)
  • Amplifiers and active antennas (ETSI EN 303 354)
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HDMI Interoperability Testing

HDMI device compliance and certification does not guarantee that licensed CE devices will be fully interoperable with other HDMI licensed devices. Issues such as audio/video synchronisation, incorrect aspect ratio, crashes, video glitches, juddering and colour distortions may occur.

Our HDMI Interoperability Testing identifies any compatibility & interoperability issues during development stages across almost the entire UK receiver market, ensuring customer satisfaction and providing retail buyers with the confidence to range and support products.

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HbbTV App Testing and Validation

Our HbbTV app compatibility testing service using the DTG’s unique receiver collection (the DTG Zoo) helps ensure a high-quality consumer experience to enhance direct-to-consumer reach and improve customer experience engagement.

It enables platform operators, broadcasters, service providers, HbbTV application developers, and AV content distributors to test their HbbTV apps in our controlled environment.  Testing to identify and resolve compatibility or other technical issues with app launch, AV objects display, menu navigation, stability etc across a vast range of TVs accelerates time to market and ensures QoE.

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FAST TV App Testing and Validation

Our FAST Service and app compatibility testing service enables platform operators, streaming application providers, and AV content distributors to test their FAST services and apps in our controlled environment. Testing to identify and resolve compatibility or other technical issues such as AV glitches and crashes across a vast range of TVs accelerates time to market and ensures QoE.

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DAB Tick Mark

The DAB Tick Mark is a UK certification to provide consumers with confidence that the radio they buy is future ready. The requirements for the Tick Mark are set out in ETSI TS 103 461.

DTG Testing is DRUK approved to provide Tick Mark testing and to process Tick Mark applications. For Per Product testing, we provide the complete test service to meet the Tick Mark requirements as set out in ETSI TS 103 461. We provide a test report and will start the process of your Tick Mark application as you receive your test results.

For Technology Provider testing, we will verify your test results with a sample test then process your Tick Mark application. 

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Approved Body (UKCA marking)

From Jan 1st 2023 UKCA marking will become a mandatory requirement for all devices placed on the UK Market. This replaces the CE mark in the UK.

The current UKAS and UK Government guidance is that a UKCA approval can be issued based on targeted validation of existing EU approvals, rather than a full re-assessment.

DTG Testing is working in accordance with these guidelines by offering consumer electronics manufacturers a fast, reliable, and fixed-price UKCA approval process to complement their existing CE marking.

This represents a simple, one-stop solution for manufacturers to ensure that all certification requirements are met for both the UK and European markets.

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European IRS Certification Scheme (EICS)

Led by industry associations DTG and CAI, the scheme has been developed in collaboration with industry stakeholders across satellite and DTT platforms and major equipment manufacturers. It consists of a test specification underpinned by international standards and a consumer-facing logo. Manufacturers of equipment such as receivers, dSCRs, multi switches, fibre gateways, launch amplifiers and LNBs can display the logo on their products after successfully passing the required tests.

Supported by the leading retailers, the EICS logo will ensures the end-customer can be confident of a high quality of experience; and end-users, such as installers, specifiers, housing associations and platform operators, can use the logo to specify equipment that is compatible with all major satellite and TV services; and therefore interoperable with other EICS equipment.  

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