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With more than 190 HD & 4K TVs, the DTG Zoo is the world’s largest collection of its kind, representing 95% of the UK free-to-air receiver market.
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What we do

From performance to conformance, compliance to certification, we make sure your product works first time, every time, and with all devices.
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Free Targeted Ad Test Suite

We tested 95% of the UK receiver market for Targeted Ad performance… and the results are out now! Read our full report and get the Test App Suite completely free.
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Product testing

Only UK industry-approved solution for demonstrating conformance to the UK Freeview Play & Freely trademark requirements and other UK DTT platforms
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About DTG Testing

DTG Testing is a non-profit, independent organisation operating in the heart of the digital TV industry in the UK. Established in 2000 as a subsidiary of Digital TV Group (DTG), the association for the UK digital TV industry, DTG Testing has become the interoperability testing house for the UK digital TV market.
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Clients and Partners

DTG Testing works in partnership with platforms and service providers and other stakeholders in the UK and internationally to define test regimes that underpin their brand and certification requirements. The test centre carries out special projects on behalf of government, regulator and other organisations in the digital television ecosystem.
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