DVB-I Test Suite

Driving widespread adoption of DVB-I with the DTG DVB-I Test Suite

The availability of a robust interoperability test regime is a major consideration for platforms and service providers when selecting core technologies. As such, it is a critical factor in driving widespread adoption of DVB-I. Building on the DTG’s track record of universal deployment of DVB standards, DTG Testing has developed the DTG DVB-I Test Suite.

This market-leading online test harness is available in the cloud environment and provides reference metadata for DVB-I clients (Hybrid TVs, IP-only TV, Set-Top Boxes, Sticks, mobile devices [phones, tablets, PC/laptops] or any DVB-I applications) to test their implementation for conformance against the DVB-I specification for Service Discovery and Programme Metadata.

The DTG DVB-I Test Suite contains the metadata for all the endpoints of the DVB-I specification and provides a set of structured tests against the metadata for where the specification states the behaviour.

Partners can access the online DTG DVB-I Test Suite using their individual secured logins. Depending upon the device profiles, the test cases can be filtered to create test plans applicable for those device types.

The DTG DVB-I Test Suite also provides broadcast test streams to test hybrid devices and an online portal for logging and generating test reports. It therefore offers a complete interface, providing materials that enable developers to test with confidence, expedite development and that underpin launch confidence.

The DTG DVB-I Test Suite provides a mechanism to:

  • Enable successful access to the open DVB-I device or application market (working across markets and platforms).
  • Test that products and applications conform with full interoperability to the DVB-I specification.
  • Provide confidence of interoperability between DVB-I services and client implementations and vice versa.
  • Underpin confidence of platforms to launch services to a population of compliant receivers.

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