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Freeview HD & Freeview HD Recorder

The logos of Freeview are placed on the products that meet the special technical specification for British digital terrestrial television as outlined in the D-Book.

Withdrawal of the Freeview HD TML

Freeview has announced that it will no longer license the Freeview HD brand to new TVs manufactured from 2021 onwards. In 2022 this will be extended to new set top boxes.  

Launched in 2009 following the launch of BBC HD and ITV HD, the Freeview HD brand certifies that a device has an HD tuner and can receive Freeview and its portfolio of HD channels. The decision to phase out the Freeview HD brand follows on from the success of Freeview Play. Whilst live TV remains important for many, TV viewing habits are evolving to embrace on demand which comprises a core element of the Freeview Play offer. 

Launched in 2015 Freeview Play has become the standard for new TVs in the UK, with over 10 million devices sold to date. Freeview Play gives viewers access to the full range of Freeview channels, including HD content, alongside eight on demand players; BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, UKTV Play, CBS Catchup Channels UK, Horror Bites and STV Player.  

Freeview Play & Freeview Play Recorder

The certification awarded to Freeview Play receivers is split into two sections:

D-Book Conformance (Freeview HD) and Freeview Play certification.

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Freeview Logo

Freesat HD and Freesat Recorder

DTG Testing not only designed and developed but also applied the conformance and testing regime for Freesat. We built on the experience we had from working on Freeview.

As part of our work, we partner with manufacturers to make sure equipment designed for Freesat meets the service specification. We hold a contract to provide testing for Freesat and all its products. These products must pass our tests to be given the official logos.

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Freesat Logo

CE Marking – Provides Access to European Market

CE marking is a requirement for trading products within the EEA. You can certify products with DTG Testing and our Notified Body services. It is a certification that is an indication that products within the EEA have met protection standards for health, safety and environmental.

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CE Mark

DAB Tick Mark

Following the certification mark (Tick Mark) launch for Digital Radio(DRUK), DTG Testing is the only UKAS-accredited test lab that also has DRUK approval for Tick Mark testing for DAB.

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