DAB Tick Mark

DAB Tick Mark

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What is DAB Tick Mark Testing?

The DAB Tick Mark is a UK certification to provide consumers with confidence that the radio they buy is future-ready. There are two categories of testing:

  • Testing on end products, also known as Per Product testing
  • Testing on radio technology also known as Technology Provider testing

The requirements for the Tick Mark are set out in ETSI TS 103 461. To carry out technology provider testing the DAB test suite is needed – see the Application Process below for more information.

Test Options and Pricing

DTG Testing are DRUK approved to provide Tick Mark testing and to process Tick Mark applications – it can all be done here at DTG Testing.

For Per Product testing, we provide the complete test service to meet the Tick Mark requirements as set out in ETSI TS 103 461. We also provide a test report and will start the process of your Tick Mark application as you receive your test results. Per Product testing and the Tick Mark application is £650.

For Technology Provider testing, we will verify your test results with a sample test then process your Tick Mark application. Technology Provider sample testing and the Tick Mark application is £950.

Application Process

Per Product 

The Per Product testing process is as follows:

  1. Complete the booking form (see Book a Test)
  2. Submit the product to DTG Testing
  3. DTG Testing will complete testing and issue a report
  4. DTG Testing will process the Tick Mark application and notify DRUK

Technology Provider

The Technology Provider test process is as follows:

  1. Ensure you have the latest Technology Provider Test Suite. Please note: this is a pre-requisite of applying for a Technology Provider Tick Mark. The Test Suite is available here
  2. Download the Technology Provider Test report template (this is required to submit your test results to DTG Testing for review)
  3. The manufacturer will carry out the Technology Provider testing at their lab
  4. Once the Technology Provider testing is completed, the manufacturer will submit their Technology Provider application (see Book a Test), to DTG Testing and pays the application fee. A completed test report (using the template) and test sample are submitted to DTG Testing for review and sample testing approval.
  5. DTG Testing will review the report and carry out sample testing
  6. On completion of a successful review and sample test, DTG Testing will process the Tick Mark application and notify DRUK

Our Testing Facilities

The testing process we follow uses a TESEQ GTEM 2000 Cell. This provides RF signal testing for various product dimensions.

The test signals used are played through our cutting-edge Rohde & Schwarz-designed and built signal creation and measuring equipment. This enables us to have flexibility when choosing the frequency and level of the signal tested.

All of the equipment we use provides traceable standards, that:

  • Repeatable
  • Provide measurements that are verifiable using representative receivers
  • Reliable

For more information about Digital Radio Tick Mark and benefits of achieved fully certified status, please look to the DRUK website.

If you would like to book our testing and servicing for the DAB Tick Mark, please complete our booking form.

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