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In a proposal to the UK Government, the ICT Knowledge Transfer Network, or KTN for short, outlined that in order to evaluate and identify issues in co-existence between LTE/4G and DTT services, it was important to establish a purpose-built Wireless Test and Innovation Centre.

In early 2012, with the full backing of the Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), the new Wireless Test and Innovation Centre was set up within DTG Testing’s facilities and makes use of the unique GTEM cell as well as our collection of receivers, LTE base station, comprehensive RF distribution and all relevant testing equipment.

What is a GTEM Cell?

GTEM stands for Gigahertz Transverse Electromagnetic cell. This is an affordable alternative form of measurement facility that is used for immunity and radiated measurements and is advantageous when testing smaller to medium devices.

Digital Radio Testing GTEM Cell

The UK Government published its Digital Radio Action Plan in 2010 which outlined plans to roll out a fully digital radio switchover by 2015. DTG Testing was tasked to supply conformance and test regime for digital radios by the DCMS.

With the full backing of the DCMS, we constructed the biggest GTEM cell in the country for testing conformance of digital radios.

GTEM Cell Hire

Our GTEM cell is available for hire and can be utilised for various testing scenarios, including:

  • Pre-conformance Tick Mark Testing of DAB radios
  • Co-existence Testing
  • EMC or Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

The equipment that generates and measures signals that’s designed and built by Rohde & Schwarz is available alongside engineering assistance. This is available to provide suitable guidance and help with using the equipment properly and to its full effect.

You can also hire more comprehensive engineering help and assistance to help carry out testing and take measurements in addition to assisting with the analysis and translation of the results obtained.

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If you would like to hire our GTEM Cell, please contact us today. We offer testing services that can be fully tailored to your needs and also offer an evaluation of your specific requirements for no additional charge.

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