Updates to the UK HbbTV reference applications


DTG Testing has released updates to the UK HbbTV reference applications.

Mainly documentation related to S&T and DUK apps have been modified. Please find full information about the changes in their respective release notes, accessible via the DTG FTP (

The following applications shall be used for Freeview HD & Freeview Play conformance. This supersedes any old versions. Updated applications/files have been highlighted/italicised and are applicable with immediate effect.

Arqiva: /HbbTV MHEG Transition/Arqiva/Current Version/101017

  • Arqiva_HbbTV_test_stream_101017.ts
  • Information for Arqiva representative streams_101017.docx
  • Arqiva representative hbbtv-stream_101017.xlsx

BBC: /HbbTV MHEG Transition/BBC/Current Version/HbbTV_February_2019_TransportStream_v6-FVHD

  • BBC_Certification_January_2019_TransportStream_v6_release_notes.txt
  • BBC_HbbTV_READ_ME_v6.0.pdf (notes to read before running the test pack)
  • BBC_HbbTV_Test_Pack_February_2019_v6.0.xlsx
  • BBC_certification_PSB1_V6.ts
  • BBC_certification_PSB3_V6.ts

    Also includes a sanity test pack against BBC HbbTV Live application:

  • BBC_HbbTV_Test_Pack_February_2019_LIVE_v2.0.xlsx

DUK: /HbbTV MHEG Transition/DUK/Current Version/V6

  • DUK_LCN100_D34_v6-release-notes_r2.txt
  • DUK_LCN100_D34_v6.ts

S&T: /HbbTV MHEG Transition/S&T/Current Version/ S&T_MTWG_9901_v5.0.8

  • release_notes.txt
  • S&T_MTWG_9901_Expected_Results_Additional_5.0.8_20190606.pdf
  • S&T_MTWG_9901_v5.0.8_20190606.xlsx
  • sandt_mtwg_9901_v5.0.8_20190409.ts

General release comments:

  • These updates are available to all existing fully supported HbbTV MHEG Transition folder users.
  • These applications are being used for conformance testing immediately.
  • Any previous applications are no longer valid for Freeview conformance.

If you wish to access these HbbTV applications, please contact DTG Customer Services team – [email protected].