TV Collection (a.k.a The Zoo)

Over 190 TVs (HD & 4K TVs), the DTG TV collection is the world’s largest collection of its kind and represents 95% of the UK free to air receiver market.

DTG Testing TV Collection & ZooWatch Video

An invaluable resource for a company looking to launch a product or service related to TV, audio and video in any market around the world. Our TV Collection facility also referred to as ‘The Zoo’, provides you with the confidence that your service or product will operate seamlessly, allowing you to offer a smooth user experience for your customers. Use the DTG TV Collection testing facility for:

  • HDMI interoperability
  • HbbTV applications interoperability
  • Big Screen Apps
  • USB compatibility


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DTG Zoo Capabilities

About the receivers we hold in the TV Collection

At present, we carry more than 190 receivers (TVs and set-top boxes), and it is our goal to update and maintain devices as a representation for every individual digital receiver available for Freeview, Freeview HD and Freesat in the country. Along with our comprehensive collection of receivers, we can provide data relating to the UK market. Allowing us to be aware of the market size overall and understand any specific problems that have been experienced with devices.

About our facility

The TV Collection is based in London in our purpose-made, cutting-edge climate-controlled environment that also benefits from gas suppression fire control. It has been built to offer an authentic simulation for various co-existence and broadcast scenarios. We do this by feeding at least one or more signals through and monitoring the effects they have on the devices being tested.

The RF feed is flexible in terms of the signal quality, strength and configuration and all receivers that feature IP network connectivity are tested to ensure interactive services are fully available and the software is upgraded, where applicable.

Looking to use the TV Collection?

You can hire the TV Collection for a very competitive price, and it is available both with and without engineering support if necessary.

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Learn more about the DTG TV Collection (a.k.a The Zoo) in this ‘Restart Project’ Podcast:

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