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The test suites we use at DTG Testing are the only approved solutions to demonstrate conformance requirements for the trademarks of Freesat, Freeview and Freeview NZ, along with the Digital Tick Mark and various trademarks throughout the world.

The development of our tests here at DTG Testing are based on rigorous technical excellence requirements. For example, take our testing for platform specification, for the likes of the D-Book. The team of specialists who work at the development of our test suites look to identify the functional features and also clearly define specific test vectors that can be used in the testing of those particular features in authentic real-world simulations.

We create our test streams using various tools that have been optimised for using in the production of tests. As these tools are very flexible and versatile, it means our staff can repurpose the test streams for different platforms. All without causing any adverse effects to the functionalities that are tested. This therefore reduces the cost involved in verifying and validating new platforms.

In addition to the aforementioned test streams, our team of test developers also provides a variety of supporting documentation. For example, our test house provides test vector descriptions for developers of receivers to allow them to trace and repair any faults quickly and effectively. We also provide proforma report sheets and full operator instructions for use in the test lab.


Test Suites Available


DTG DVB-I Test Suite

The DTG DVB-I Test Suite provides a mechanism to:

  • Enable successful access to the open DVB-I device or application market (working across markets and platforms).
  • Test that products and applications conform with full interoperability to the DVB-I specification.
  • Provide confidence of interoperability between DVB-I services and client implementations and vice versa.
  • Underpin confidence of platforms to launch services to a population of compliant receivers.

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  • Freeview HD SI
  • Freeview HD Linear Services (includes Active Format Descriptor)
  • Freeview HD Recorder (DTR)

Annual support is available at an additional cost.



  • Freesat SI HD
  • Freesat HD Linear Services Test Suite (includes Active Format Descriptor, Audio Description and Basic Subtitles)
  • Freesat HD+

Annual support is available at an additional cost.




  • Freeview New Zealand SI/PSI
  • My Freeview New Zealand HD DTR

Annual support is available at an additional cost.



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