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To develop a fully robust and reliable set of test suites for the UK market took over a decade.

However, DTG Testing has enjoyed considerable success in recent years leveraging this experience to develop test suites for other territories based on the UK profile.

DTG Testing currently provides the test and conformance regime for Freeview New Zealand. DTG Testing also tests products against the latest HbbTV specification using the licenced HbbTV test suite.

DTG Testing has produced versions of the UK MHEG test suite for Freeview Australia, VAST Australia and Saorview Ireland.

DTG Testing also offers RF Performance tests for the UK, the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and to E-Book standard (most other European nations including Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Czech Republic and Hungary).

DTG Testing has extended its international conformance testing portfolio, following approval by the Ghanaian National Communications Authority (NCA) to provide conformance testing for DTT receivers to support their certification logo, the Ghana Digital Thumb. The logo will be used to identify set-top boxes and iDTVs that are compliant for digital switchover. Testing will cover DVB-T2 RF and DVB SI/PSI requirements.

With the launch of the Digital Radio (DRUK) certification mark (“Tick Mark”), DTG Testing are currently the only UKAS-accredited and DRUK-approved test facility for carrying out DAB Tick Mark testing.