Obtain Freeview logos






Freeview is the UK’s free to air subscription-free digital terrestrial television service offering over 50 TV channels and over 20 digital radio stations.

Freeview+ is Freeview’s digital recorder service, allowing viewers to record a series, record directly from a seven-day TV guide, pause live TV and store programmes.

Freeview HD is Freeview’s high definition TV service. Freeview HD will be available to 98.5% of the UK population when switchover is completed in 2012.

To obtain the Freeview HD logo for your product, please follow the suggested steps below:

Step 1 – Check your product meets the DTG’s requirements for DVB-T2 receivers / recorders. The DTG’s requirements for compliant receivers are outlined in the D-Book, the specification for digital terrestrial television in the UK.

For this you will need access to the DTG D-Book. The most cost-effective way of achieving this is by joining the DTG. The following checklist will help in completing the Form:

Joining checklist
Please read the DTG Membership Application form, including the IPR documents

• Complete and sign Section 1, the DTG Membership Agreement in the attached Form (Page 2)

• Fill out the Company Information Form in the attached Form (Pages 3 & 4)

• Sign the IPR Policy in the IPR Policy Form attached (Page 17)

• Email the completed Application form to [email protected]

Please be advised that membership applications take seven days to be approved by DTG Council.

No member has the right to share the D-Book lawfully with other organisations. You should also be aware that the cost of unauthorised use of the D-Book is £50,000, which is also the cost of a single edition to non-members. If you are developing a Freeview HD device, you need lawful access to the D-Book to avoid problems in the future. You should also be aware that we inform UK retailers of the identities of all the organisations with access to the D-Book so that they can ensure that their suppliers are fully entitled to use the specification and they can therefore range their products.

Step 2 – If your product meets the DTG’s requirements you can book a conformance test slot at DTG Testing. For more information on booking a test slot visit the Book a product test page

Step 3 – If your product passes DTG conformance test you can then apply for a Freeview Trade Mark Licence by visiting: www.freeview.co.uk/marketing-assets

Step 4 – Send TML request, supporting documents and your DTG Conformance test report to Freeview, 2nd Floor, 27 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JF

Step 5 – Submit a representative sample of the product to DTG Testing – this will be retained for our receiver collection

Step 6 – Product is awarded the relevant Freeview logo

Note: Manufacturers must obtain approval from Freeview before producing any product packaging/ publicity materials featuring the Freeview logos.