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Notified Body for the Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

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DTG Testing Notified Body Services

DTG Testing is a UKAS accredited ISO/IEC 17020; Inspection Body providing market access services through certification that your product has met requirements for UKCA marking. Under the Radio Equipment Regulations 2017, products must demonstrate conformity to standards for wireless testing before being placed on the UK market.

Radio Equipment Regulations 2017

Radio equipment regulation implemented in June 2017 to replace R&TTED covers all products that emit or receive radio waves, from routers to TV remote controllers. Products must meet the new requirements to be sold in the UK. UKCA Marking is used to demonstrate conformity and can be used once your product complies with the relevant wireless standards. In cases where there are no wireless standards to test against or they have not been finalised (harmonised and listed in the designated standards), then a UK Approved Body is required to confirm requirements have been met for market access.

Type Examination Certification

DTG Testing’s Notified Body service provides conformity assessments of products ensuring that they have met all Radio Equipment Regulation legislative requirements and the product can be placed on the UK market. DTG Testing will provide a report as well as issuing a Type Examination Certificate, needed to demonstrate compliance.

DTG Testing’s guide to Radio Equipment Regulation approval can be used to help you through the process and details the documentation to provide.

DTG Testing offer Type Examination Certificate assessments for the following categories of products:

  • Base Station for Mobile Networks
  • Fixed Links
  • Fixed Wireless Access
  • Private/Professional Mobile Radio
  • Radar
  • Radio Local Area Network
  • Satellite Earth Station (Fixed/Mobile)
  • Short Range Devices
  • Ultrawideband Applications
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Broadcast Radio
  • DTT Amplifiers
  • DTT Antennas


Placing your product on the market after Brexit (1st Jan 2021)

Placing CE marked equipment on the market in the UK and Europe after Brexit will change from the 1st Jan 2021. At this point the UK will begin operating under a new compliance framework where the UKCA mark will be required for placing products on the UK market whereas in Europe the CE mark will still be required.

To prepare for this DTG Testing and KL Certification GmbH have combined their expertise to provide a single service for placing products on both the UK and EU markets.

By applying for product certification with either organisation, DTG Testing and KL Certification will work together to ensure your product is assessed against both UKCA and CE mark requirements, meaning a simple, one-stop solution for manufacturers to ensure all certification requirements for the UK and Europe are met.