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Notified Body for the Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

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DTG Testing completed the UKAS accreditation ISO/IEC 17020; the Inspection Body Accreditation required to become a Notified Body for the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

The radio equipment regulation implemented in June 2017 covers all products that emit or receive radio waves, from routers to TV remote controllers. Products must meet the new requirements to be sold in the EU and EEA. It is now the case that some products that have failed to adhere to the new regulations are being removed from the market by Trading Standards in the UK.

Manufacturers who wish to sell their broadcast radio products (DAB/AM/FM) in the EU and EEA are currently required to submit their products to a UKAS accredited Notified Body for EU-Type examinations to certify compliance to RED requirements.

DTG Testing demonstrated both operational and technical expertise, as well as competence to provide inspection services and risk assessments to achieve ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation. DTG Testing has expanded existing Laboratory accreditation to continue efforts to help the industry meet testing regulations.

DTG Testing is now listed on the European Commission Notified Body website (NB number 2783) and will also be offering Notified Body inspection services across a range of other areas including EMC, Health and Safety and Spectrum Efficiency.


Alex Buchan, Head of Wireless Technology for DTG said, “This accreditation allows us to offer a fully comprehensive service, from compliance testing against international specifications to CE marking certification required for placing products on the market. We are now working with accredited partner labs to offer EMC testing to complement DTG Testing’s RF services, providing a single process for product compliance in the industry.”