When TCL launched the brand in the US, the leadership team wanted to have a different kind of company at TCL North America. Obviously, the basics of business must be met, but there’s much more to TCL than dollars and cents. In an attempt to put this spirit into writing, their #TCLcares program was created. TCLers live by four simple rules that guide their decisions and how they operate daily.

#TCLcares for their users. It is TCL’s responsibility to add joy and simplification to their lives by innovating and advancing technology.

#TCLcares for their employees. It is TCL’s commitment to provide an environment that embraces diversity, excellence, learning, and laughter.

#TCLcares for the communities they serve. We are all one and TCL are committed to find ways to give back and make a positive impact.

#TCLcares for the environment. TCL have an obligation to minimise their footprint on the planet that their users and employees call home.

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