International Women’s Day 2020: An interview with Ranjeet Kaur, Head of Delivery


International Women’s Day is this Sunday 8th March. It’s a global day where we are celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We are lucky to have several wonderful women in our workforce so we thought wed take an opportunity to put a spotlight on a couple of them.

Introducing our Head of Delivery, Ranjeet Kaur. Ranjeet is a firm part of the company having been with us for over 11 years. Ranjeet ensures that technical deliveries of DTG are delivered with quality and on time so that customers get what they need. She is also responsible for some of our business development activities, so she liaises with the industry (manufacturers, platform operators and content providers included) to ensure that their technical requirements are met.

Ranjeet, tell us about how you got into this industry.

I’ve always had a love for computers and that’s what I set my heart on doing. My academic background is in computer science I have a Master’s degree which led me directly into the industry.

What’s your favourite part of your role?

I love interacting with people, so I’ve got to say my favourite parts (!) are liaising with the industry and the customer engagement. Whether it’s specification, content or service related, I love it. It’s also the variation in my role there’s software development, there’s delivery, there’s also requirement-gathering, business development and some marketing. I never get bored!

Which technologies excite you the most and why?

It has to be a combination of AI and IoT. The potential to improve the customer experience across so many areas of life is immense. In the smart home, in entertainment, in medicine in so many areas.

Do you go to any industry events?

I will definitely be at our Ultra HD Plugfest in July and also Future Vision, our 2020 Summit. I should be at IFA and IBC later in the year too.

A fun non-work related question… What was the last TV series that you watched?

Outnumbered! I love the kids. Thanks to our industry, you can catch it on BBC iPlayer.

And another fun one to finish! Do you have any hobbies that give you a break from DTG Testing?

Yes! Costume design and interior decoration. I’ve been doing costume design for over 20 years so Ive picked up quite a few techniques including embroidery, stitching and fabric painting!

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