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DTG Testing, is the industry’s not-for-profit test centre, for complete Freeview Play Conformance testing. Certification for Freeview Play receivers breaks down into two parts; D-Book conformance and Freeview Play certification.

D-Book Conformance

This is the broadcast element of Freeview Play devices. For this, you will need access to the DTG D-Book, which is FREE for DTG Members or £50,000 for a single edition for non-members.

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Freeview Play

For Freeview Play certification, you will first need to complete a Registration of interest via the DUK website in order to obtain the Freeview Play specifications.

Registration of Interest

For Freeview Play certification, DTG Testing offers a complete testing service which includes the following:

  • D-Book Conformance Testing
  • Freeview Play Metadata Delivery & Presentation Testing
  • Freeview Play Platform Technology Testing
  • HbbTV Conformance Testing
  • HbbTV MHEG Transition Testing
  • Content Provider (CP) Player testing:
    • ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5, UKTV, STV, etc.
    • CP Integrated Player testing
    • BBC TV Platform pre-conformance testing (CATAL, BBC iPlayer, Sport, News and RB+). This service helps manufacturers to identify and debug issues (if any) before booking the final certification conformance testing with BBC.


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No member has the right to share the D-Book lawfully with other organisations. You should also be aware that the cost of unauthorised use of the D-Book is £50,000, which is also the cost of a single edition to non-members. If you are developing a UK DTT Freeview device, you need lawful access to the D-Book to avoid problems in the future. You should also be aware that we inform UK retailers of the identities of all the organisations with access to the D-Book so that they can ensure that their suppliers are fully entitled to use the specification and they can therefore range their products.