Freesat Testing

Freesat HD & Freesat Recorder Testing

DTG Testing not only designed and developed but also applied the conformance and testing regime for Freesat. We built on the experience we had from working on Freeview. As part of our work, we partner with manufacturers to make sure equipment designed for Freesat meets the service specification. We hold a contract to provide testing for Freesat and all its products. These products must pass our tests to be given the official logos.

We have created industry-level test suites to make sure all products meet their performance requirements as outlined for the associated logos.

Manufacturers rely on product conformance testing from our Test Centre to provide the evidence required they have achieved the logos.

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Full Test:

  • SI
  • MHEG
  • Linear Services (Including Access Services)
  • RF
  • Hardware
  • Usability

Freesat +:

  • Recorder Testing