Freesat G2 Test Streams


DTG Testing has released updated Freesat test streams that incorporate the BAT modifications defined in the G2 specification.

The following test suites are now available for download from the FTP site:

  • Freesat_MHEG_7_40
  • FS_MHEG_HD_Ext_7_10
  • Freesat_LS_7.0 (includes AFD)
  • Freesat_DTR_7.00
  • SI_FREESAT_v7.10

Please note, with exception of the SI/PSI and AFD test suite, the only modification to these streams is to the BAT. All streams are compatible with both G1 and G2 devices.

General release notes:

  • These updates are available to all fully supported licence holders
  • These test suites are being used for conformance testing as of next week.
  • The previous releases have an end-of-life date of 1 September 2012.
  • Full release notes can be downloaded from the FTP site.