How long does testing take?

Please contact customer services for details and prices.

What are the drivers for DVB-T2 adoption in the United Kingdom?

DVB-T2 is already widely adopted in the UK and is radiated from all DTT main station and relay transmitters. DVB-T2 is used to carry HD H.264 content, and the motivation for buying a DVB-T2 capable receiver is the ability to receive HD content.

The HD channels that are currently available are described on the Freeview website here:-

Five more HD channels will be launching soon (using DVB-T2), with test transmissions already happening in London. The news of this new HD launch is here:-

Do you have a technology roadmap for the next three years?

Refer to ‘shaping the future’ timeline

When can you test my product?

Lead times for product testing vary, and we encourage manufacturers to book slots as far in advance as possible. Most manufacturers book product tests approximately two months prior to the required testing date.

Manufacturers are also encouraged to reserve a retest slot when booking a test.

We have one platform for multiple customers (various brands), would a single test be sufficient for all models of the same series?

Yes, ODM suppliers can have their platform tested and certified. These test results can be used by all end-user companies to obtain their certificates as long as the receiver meets the chassis criteria outlined below.

However, each company will need to make separate applications for each individual model to both Digital UK and Freeview, for the grant of the appropriate licences.

Our new receiver is based on one that is already conformant. What do you need to retest?

We determine that a previous test will cover a new receiver if:

  • The SI code is unchanged to the model previously tested (including AFDs and Subtitles)
  • The MHEG Engine is identical
  • The RF section, including tuner and demodulator hardware is unchanged
  • The new receiver has at least the same amount of memory available to the MHEG engine as the previously tested model

Can you do one-off and ad-hoc tests? How much are they and how long do they take?

We can do reduced coverage testing. The duration and cost will be quoted when you apply, based on the tests to be covered.