What test suites do you licence?

Full information is available on the Buy a test suite page.

If I encounter a problem with the test streams or I have a question directly related to test streams what should I do?

Problems with test streams should be entered into the DTG Testing squish project at https://www.squishlist.com/dtgtesting/users/.

What does it mean if I am unable to access a particular folder on the DTG FTP?

This usually means that you do not have the licence for that particular test suite. To get a quote or to purchase a test suite please email: [email protected].

What is the difference between Freeview+ and Freeview+ HD test suites?

Freeview+ and Freeview+HD is sold as one test suite. It is a single test suite that tests receiver recording functionality for both SD (Freeview+) and HD (Freeview+HD) as defined in the D-Book.

What test suites does DTG Testing supply for Freeview New Zealand testing?

DTG Testing supplies SI, MHEG, PVR and MHEG HD extensions test suites for Freeview New Zealand testing.

What test suites does DTG Testing supply for Freeview Australia testing?

DTG Testing supplies PVR and MHEG test suites for Freeview Australia. For any other tests suites please contact Freeview Australia directly. Also note that DTG Testing does not perform any Freeview Australia conformance testing.