DVB-T2 SI v5.0.0


The FTP folder location is as follows:

Resolved bugs are listed in the release notes, which can be downloaded from the FTP or accessed via the Squish v5.0.0 milestone. New string compression tests have been added to SI05.

This test suite is being used for conformance testing as of 5 April 2011. The end-of-life date for version 4.1.0 is 5 July 2011.

As with the DVB-T SI test suite, a large number of non-mandatory tests have been removed from the test sheets and placed in the new ‘Toolkit’ sheet. These tests are not required for conformance but are still provided as an aid to development.

Please note that a declarations spreadsheet has been included, which is required to be filled in when booking a receiver for conformance testing. This allows DTG Testing to know what descriptors the receiver software supports before testing begins.

This is a free update to all fully supported Freeview HD SI test suite license holders. Enquiries regarding this release should be sent to: [email protected].