DTG Testing has today released D-Book 11 conformance updates to the FreeviewHD test suites


General release comments:

  • New test streams to test UK SI DVB-T si35 cross carried EIT.
  • The T2 Cross Carriage stability test has been removed from the UK SI DVB-T test suite.
  • Test cases no longer worded “for DVB-T/SD receivers only”.
  • These updates are available to all existing fully supported licence holders.
  • These test suites are being used for conformance testing as of 01/07/2019.
  • Full release notes can be downloaded from the FTP or viewed via the Squish milestone.
  • Latest test suite version numbers for FreeviewHD test suites available here –

If you wish to license any of the test suites, please contact Ewa –[email protected].

Best regards,

DTG Support