DTG hosts 35th HbbTV Interoperability Workshop


Last week, we hosted HbbTV Week in collaboration with the HbbTV Association. It consisted of a series of events related to HbbTV conformance, including the 35th HbbTV Interoperability Workshop which ran on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th February 2020.

The workshop presented an opportunity for manufacturers, application developers and platform operators to test interoperability. The focus of the workshop was the new functionality added to the HbbTV 1.5.1 specification including High Dynamic Range (HDR), Next Generation Audio (NGA) and High Frame Rate (HFR).

Representatives from 15 companies attended the workshop. Amongst them were platform operators, companies who provide HbbTV apps and test streams, and TV and set-top box manufacturers who were testing their upcoming products for 2020.

During the same week, the HbbTV Testing Group held a test event to validate materials ahead of the upcoming 2020-1 HbbTV test suite release.

Jason Power, Senior Commercial Partners and Standards Director for Dolby, said:

Im pleased to have been part of this great interoperability event at DTG. Im very happy to see such wide adoption of HbbTV 2.0.2, including Next Generation Audio. With immersive 3D playback and personalisation, this enables a new level of audio experience.

Ian Medland, Director of DTG Testing, said:

It was an honour and a joy to host our colleagues for a week completely dedicated to HbbTV conformance. Events like HbbTV Week are important to ensure the industry can continue to work towards a better future TV experience for all. We are looking forward to hosting a similar event next year.

The next HbbTV Week will be hosted by Cellnex in Madrid and will run from 15th-19th June 2020.