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DTG Testing Consulting Services

As we have a unique position in the UK digital TV industry, at DTG Testing we are able to provide expert consulting services to organisations interested in entering this marketplace or who are looking to develop digital services and platforms on an international level.

Thanks to our parent company, Digital TV Group’s central position in the development of UK digital TV for more than a decade, we have the benefit of establishing this country as a leader in the world when it comes to TV evolution, a strong and exciting market and been able to deliver a rich and satisfying experience to our customers.

The industry experts that make up DTG Testing’s core team have been at the forefront of launching both Freeview and Freesat services and the advancements of technology such as widescreen TV and DVB-T2 HD services through Freeview.

We are also the frontrunners in Connected TV services development and started working on TV White Spaces and LTE.

We work with a network of more than 150 member organisations that includes regulators, government, retails, manufacturers, platform operators and broadcasters that means we can offer unparalleled advice, guidance, assistance and understanding of DTT, DSAT and Connected TV in the UK.

We offer expert consulting services that are impartial and independent for non-members and members. Our consultancy service can help organisations make more informed decisions at a management level, that enables them to fully benefit from the business development opportunities open to them not just in this country, but on an international level.

Work at an International Level

DTG Testing has had significant success in the last few years using our experience of the UK market to develop suitable test suites for other markets throughout the world. For example, DTG Testing is the current provider of conformance regime and testing used by Freeview in New Zealand.

We also have developed and implemented variations on UK MHEG test suites for Saorview Ireland, VAST Australia and Freeview Australia.

At  DTG Testing we also provide industry-level RF Signal Performance testing not just in the UK, but throughout the Nordic region (encompassing Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark) and the E-Book standard (covering the other European countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain)

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