CE Marking

CE Marking – Provides Access to European Market

CE marking is a requirement for trading products within the EEA. You can certify products with DTG Testing and our Notified Body services. It is a certification that is an indication that products within the EEA have met protection standards for health, safety and environmental.

Understanding the Radio Equipment Directive

RED 2014/53/EU was put into effect on the 13th June 2016 and was set a transition period of 1 year to replace the existing RTTE Directive 1995/5/EC. The main way the change had effect was broadcast receivers needed to conform to RED that were normally excluded by RTTE.

Thus, from June 2017, all equipment in the EU was required to meet RED specification. CE marking is used on the equipment that meets the RED specification. To achieve and demonstrate this, new ETSI standards were developed for products to be tested against.


RED Specification
You are required to meet the following, to comply with RED:

  • Article 3.2 Radio
  • Article 3.1 (a) and (b)
  • Article 3.3 additional requirements


How to be compliant
You can meet RED compliance by either:

  • Notified Body EU Exam – an assessment of your product as a conformance test for RED specification conducted by DTG Testing.
  • Product testing for your product using a harmonised standard, carried out by DTG Testing.


The Notified Body EU Exam is what is used when no harmonised standard exists for a product or it is not applied fully.

The Products Covered by Our Notified Body

As a UKAS ISO/IEC 17020 accredited body, we are able to carry out assessments as a Notified Body on products in the following categories:

  • DTT Antennas and Amplifiers
  • Broadcast Radio
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Ultrawideband Applications
  • Short-range Devices
  • Satellite Earth Station, both Fixed and Mobile
  • Radio Local Area Network
  • Radar
  • Professional and Private Mobile Radio
  • Fixed Wireless Access
  • Fixed Links
  • Mobile Network Base Stations