Book a Product Test

To book a product test please complete the Product Test Booking Form.

DTG Testing provides the product testing services used by manufacturers to demonstrate conformance to the D-Book, Freeview HD (STB only), Freeview Play, Freeview New Zealand, Digital Ghana Thumb and Freesat trademarks. DTG Testing also tests products against the ETSI RED, Digital Radio Tick Mark, HbbTV specifications using the licenced HbbTV test suite.

Lead time for product testing varies, we request that manufacturers book product tests as far in advance as possible. Most manufacturers book product tests two months in advance.

DTG Testing also offers:

  • BBC TV Platform pre-conformance test [CATAL, BBC iPlayer, Sport, News and RB+ (Connected Red Button)] and
  • RF test as per the new ETSI requirements set out in ETSI EN 303 340 for demonstrating compliance against the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU. Book RED test here.

Devices can either be booked for individual tests or as part of a regular conformance test for Freeview HD and Freeview Play.

In order to develop a finished UK DTT HD TV device for the UK market, manufacturers involved in the supply chain to deliver SoC, Integration services and all those involved in the development of User Interfaces and hardware (e.g. RF drivers/ tuner providers) need access to the D-Book specifications. To perform software integration successfully and to develop a user interface (e.g. display of SI/PSI information / updates to EPG) which is compliant with the D-Book specification, the individual organisations involved, including manufacturers applying for the Freeview TML, require lawful access to the D-Book.

The first step in ensuring compliance with D-Book requirements is actually to obtain access to the D-Book, which also contains the content protection requirements for HD services. No organisation is licensed to share the D-Book with any third party.

As the organisation set up to be the custodian of interoperability within the UK DTT system, the DTG cannot condone an approach whereby attempts are made to place products on the market without legitimate access to the specification, and it is therefore essential that, before a product is submitted for testing, the specification is lawfully available to all those organisations involved in the development and supply chain.

Please be aware that the penalty for unauthorised use of the D-Book is £50,000.