DTG Testing and KL Certification join forces to provide a single certification solution for placing products on the market after Brexit

We have joined forces with KL Certification to combine our expertise to provide a single service for placing products on both the UK and EU markets after Brexit.

Placing CE marked equipment on the market in the UK and Europe after Brexit will change from 1st  January 2021. At this point the UK will begin operating under a new compliance framework where the UKCA mark will be required for placing products on the UK market; the CE mark will still be required in Europe.

There will be a transition period in place for 1 year where both CE and UKCA marking can be used in the UK meaning products already placed on the market before 1st  January 2021 will not be affected.

By applying for product certification with either organisation, we and KL Certification will work together to ensure products are assessed against both UKCA and CE mark requirements. This will give manufacturers a simple, one-stop solution to ensure all their certification requirements for the UK and Europe are met.

We are currently a Notified Body and will become a UK Approved Body from 1st  January 2021. We have expertise in Radio Equipment Directive (RED) certification of consumer electronics products, providing market access solutions across a range of categories including TV, radio, mobile, and satellite. To find out more, see here: https://www.dtgtesting.com/notified-body/

KL Certification GmbH is a Notified Body under the Radio Equipment Directive and soon will be assigned as a Recognized Certification Body for Japan, a Telecommunication Certification Body for the USA and Foreign Certification Body for Canada, offering  fast and reliable market access for our customers. To find out more, see here: https://kl-certification.de

Alex Buchan, Strategic Technologist at the DTG, said:

“DTG Testing’s collaboration with KL Certification will provide a simple and straightforward process to ensure that continued market access for manufacturers is a seamless process during the Brexit transition.”

Oliver Kneip, Managing Director of KL Certification GmbH said:

“Efficient and reliable services for our customers even during uncertain times is our passion and the goal of our work.“

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First technology provider passes new Digital Radio Tick Mark testing programme

Frontier Smart Technologies, a subsidiary of Science Group plc, has become the first company to pass Digital Radio UK’s recently upgraded technology provider testing programme overseen by DTG Testing (part of the Digital TV Group) for the Digital Radio Tick Mark Scheme.

The Digital Radio Tick Mark indicates to consumers that devices are tested and approved to meet the UK Government agreed specification for digital radios and are able to receive FM, DAB and DAB+ stations and is supported by the majority of digital radio manufacturers and retailers as well as the leading technology providers

The scheme was first introduced in 2014 – with technology providers self-certifying that their technology met the Digital Radio Tick Mark standards. The new, updated testing regime requires that DAB+ receiver core technology be certified by an independent third-party testing house, using a single set of independently created test files – and bringing a new level of robustness to the Tick Mark approval process.

The new testing programme was launched in July 2020 with third-party testing lab DTG Testing appointed to handle all aspects of the programme, from the purchase of ETI files and booking technology testing to issuing the license and artwork once the technology has been approved.

Market-leading DAB+ solution provider, Frontier Smart Technologies, has become the first company to pass the updated tests with its Siena DAB+ module, which powers over 3.5 million radios in the market, demonstrating the high quality of the Frontier solution. This means that brands that use Siena to build their digital radios remain assured that their products will be ready to pass the end product Digital Tick Mark certification.

Ford Ennals, CEO Digital Radio UK, said: “Our congratulations to Frontier on being the first DAB/DAB+ core technology provider to have their technology tested and approved to use the Digital Tick Mark under DTG’s new rigorous testing programme. The new Digital Tick technology testing regime is good news for digital radio manufacturers and listeners who can select their technology and radios with confidence when they see the Digital Tick Mark.”

Bob Heads, Managing Director at Frontier Smart Technologies, said: “Frontier is delighted to be the first vendor to pass the new core technology Digital Tick Mark tests. This is testament to our leadership in quality and compliance to the DAB specification. We look forward to manufacturers and consumers benefiting from the updated test spec.”

Alex Buchan, Head of Wireless Technologies, DTG, said: “Congratulations to Frontier Smart Technologies on their Tick Mark award. We’re very happy at DTG Testing to have been part of the process to help achieve this. Our collaboration with DRUK now offers a streamlined process for manufacturers to obtain the Digital Tick Mark while reinforcing the recognition of quality it represents. This ensures the Digital Tick remains a valuable scheme providing listeners an informed choice when buying a digital radio.”

DTG Testing have licensed and made Fraunhofer DAB ETI files available for brands and manufacturers that are developing radios. These are a complete set of files with an accompanying test procedure that enables DAB radios to be tested against ETSI TS 103 461, which are the requirements necessary to obtain the Digital Radio Tick Mark.

More information can be found here.

Press release originally written and published by Digital Radio UK.