DTG Testing has today released D-Book 11 conformance updates to the FreeviewHD test suites

General release comments:

  • New test streams to test UK SI DVB-T si35 cross carried EIT.
  • The T2 Cross Carriage stability test has been removed from the UK SI DVB-T test suite.
  • Test cases no longer worded “for DVB-T/SD receivers only”.
  • These updates are available to all existing fully supported licence holders.
  • These test suites are being used for conformance testing as of 01/07/2019.
  • Full release notes can be downloaded from the FTP or viewed via the Squish milestone.
  • Latest test suite version numbers for FreeviewHD test suites available here – http://www.dtgtesting.com/content/technical-support.

If you wish to license any of the test suites, please contact Ewa – [email protected].

Best regards,

DTG Support

Updates to the UK HbbTV reference applications

DTG Testing has released updates to the UK HbbTV reference applications.

Mainly documentation related to S&T and DUK apps have been modified. Please find full information about the changes in their respective release notes, accessible via the DTG FTP (ftp.dtg.org.uk).

The following applications shall be used for Freeview HD & Freeview Play conformance. This supersedes any old versions. Updated applications/files have been highlighted/italicised and are applicable with immediate effect.

Arqiva: /HbbTV MHEG Transition/Arqiva/Current Version/101017

  • Arqiva_HbbTV_test_stream_101017.ts
  • Information for Arqiva representative streams_101017.docx
  • Arqiva representative hbbtv-stream_101017.xlsx

BBC: /HbbTV MHEG Transition/BBC/Current Version/HbbTV_February_2019_TransportStream_v6-FVHD

  • BBC_Certification_January_2019_TransportStream_v6_release_notes.txt
  • BBC_HbbTV_READ_ME_v6.0.pdf (notes to read before running the test pack)
  • BBC_HbbTV_Test_Pack_February_2019_v6.0.xlsx
  • BBC_certification_PSB1_V6.ts
  • BBC_certification_PSB3_V6.ts

    Also includes a sanity test pack against BBC HbbTV Live application:

  • BBC_HbbTV_Test_Pack_February_2019_LIVE_v2.0.xlsx

DUK: /HbbTV MHEG Transition/DUK/Current Version/V6

  • DUK_LCN100_D34_v6-release-notes_r2.txt
  • DUK_LCN100_D34_v6.ts

S&T: /HbbTV MHEG Transition/S&T/Current Version/ S&T_MTWG_9901_v5.0.8

  • release_notes.txt
  • S&T_MTWG_9901_Expected_Results_Additional_5.0.8_20190606.pdf
  • S&T_MTWG_9901_v5.0.8_20190606.xlsx
  • sandt_mtwg_9901_v5.0.8_20190409.ts

General release comments:

  • These updates are available to all existing fully supported HbbTV MHEG Transition folder users.
  • These applications are being used for conformance testing immediately.
  • Any previous applications are no longer valid for Freeview conformance.

If you wish to access these HbbTV applications, please contact DTG Customer Services team – [email protected].