DTG Testing World First with new Euro-ready Digital Tick

DTG Testing has become the first facility in the world to be ISO 17025 accredited for carrying out testing against the newly expanded Digital Radio Tick Mark specification.

DRUK has confirmed that the transition period for the new European-ready specification has been completed meaning that from 12th July 2016, all applications seeking the Digital Radio Tick Mark are required to test against the new specification.

The previous UK-only specification has been transformed to include testing that products meet sensitivity requirements across all Band III frequencies – meaning 38 channels are tested instead of 12; that products can correctly display all European Latin-based characters; and that radios using starburst displays can now map these characters.

“We’re happy to be the first facility to be accredited to carrying out this testing. As it appears, the UK was ahead of the curve through early adoption of the tick mark specification, and as a result, have set the standard for Europe,” says Alex Buchan, Principal RF Engineer at The DTG.

Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of the DTG added: “Research by the BBC has found that since its introduction in 2014, the tick mark has developed consumer confidence in the UK. By appearing on product packaging, buyers know that their product is DAB+ compatible, digital, ready for switchover, and most importantly, future-ready. We expect to see this attitude expanded with the adoption of the criteria across Europe – potentially expanding the market for digital radio, and promoting uptake of the technology.”

Regardless of being the sole-accredited body to carry out these tests, DTG Testing can provide facilities at short notice, delivering results by the next working day. Reports generated by DTG Testing can be used to directly apply for the tick mark, without completing any additional paperwork.

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Be compliant with the new Radio Equipment Directive

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Ensure your product is compliant with the Radio Equipment Directive!

As of June 13th 2017 EU equipment that falls under the RED must meet its essential requirements to be sold in EU member states and the European Economic Area.

CE marking can be used on equipment that has fulfilled the RED requirements. In order to demonstrate this, a range of new ETSI standard have been developed which manufacturers must test against.

Test your product at DTG
DTG offers testing against the ETSI receiver requirements some examples are below. For standards not listed please enquire with our customer services:

  • EN 303 340 – Broadcast TV receivers
  • EN 303 345 – Broadcast radio receivers
  • EN 303 354 – Amplifiers and active antennas
  • EN 303 372 (part 2) – Satellite receivers (indoor)

Benefits of testing at DTG

This allows manufacturers to complete their Declaration of Conformity and use the CE mark;

In turn this will ensure products can be sold throughout Europe;

DTG Testing is a UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory, signifying our competence and demonstrating our commitment to consistently produce reliable results;

Testing can be scheduled to suit your requirements or completed in conjunction with D-Book testing;

Testing is cost-effective and results are provided the next working day.

Complete Radio Equipment Directive (RED) certification now available through one service.

DTG Testing is a Notified Body, providing UKAS accredited third party assessments for RED conformance. For more details see here.

In addition to the above services, DTG Testing have chosen to partner with RN Electronics to provide complete RED certification through one service, providing a range of EMC and H&S testing services to complement the RF testing and Notified Body services at DTG.

About RN Electronics RN Electronics Ltd are an independent Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Radio testing laboratory based in Brentwood, Essex, UK. The company have been offering UKAS accredited EMC testing since 2002 and UKAS accredited radio testing of electronic devices containing wireless connectivity since 2005.

RN Electronics have knowledgeable engineers with many years’ experience in wireless product testing, including RF design troubleshooting, plus a range of semi-anechoic test chambers. RN Electronics can provide testing to the wireless, EMC and safety requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive towards CE marking for the European market.

RN Electronics are also recognised as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) by the FCC (USA) and its test chambers are registered with ISED (Canada). RN Electronics can offer testing to a multitude of standards and rule parts, of which a small selection is included below:


  • EN 55032 (Multimedia Emissions)
  • EN 55035 (Multimedia Immunity)
  • EN 55024 (IT equipment)
  • EN 301 489-X series (EMC for specific radio equipment)
  • EN 300 328 (Bluetooth / Zigbee, Wi-Fi)
  • EN 300 220-X series (for Short Range Devices)
  • EN 300 330 (RFID / Inductive applications)
  • EN 50083-2 (Cable Networks for TV signals and interactive services)


  • Title 47 CFR parts 15B, 15C, 22, 24, 27, 30, 73, 74, 90, 101


  • RSS-GEN, RSS-210, RSS247

Additional Services

  • Basic Safety Assessments
  • Energy Efficiency Testing to ErP Directive
  • RF Exposure Assessments
  • Automotive UNECE Regulation 10 Testing
  • FCC & ISED Certification
  • Worldwide Certification

Booking process

Contact DTG Testing or RN Electronics with your enquiry

We will get in touch to discuss your testing requirements.

Please note that testing can generally be completed quicker if you are able to send samples to both RN Electronics and DTG Testing so that testing can be completed in parallel.