DTG Testing tests its first HbbTV product

Following registration as an HbbTV test centre, DTG Testing has successfully tested its first HbbTV product.

DTG Testing is now testing devices against the HbbTV version 1.1.1 specification using the licenced HbbTV test suite .

The test centre is the first ISO/IEC 17025 accredited facility in the world to introduce HbbTV testing.

More information: www.dtg.org.uk/dtg/press_release.php?id=37

To book your product in for testing please complete the Product Test Booking Form

Enhanced EPG test suite

The D-Book specifies Enhanced EPG signalling that receivers can use for:

  • Linking broadcast events to catch-up services to provide a ‘backwards EPG’
  • Additional descriptive metadata for broadcast events in EIT

The DTG Testing Enhanced EPG test suite covers the mandatory parts of the D-Book requirements, including linking receivers to an in-house test server for confirming catch-up service operations.

DTG Testing will be extending the coverage of the test suite to include a toolbox of tests for optional parts of the specification.

To purchase the Enhanced EPG test suite or for more information please email [email protected]