Freesat PVR test suite

DTG Testing has released an updated Freesat PVR test suite. Version 7.10 contains 7 bug fixes and is now being used for conformance testing.

The previous release (version 7.00) has an end of life date of 10 November 2012.

Full release notes can be downloaded from the FTP or viewed via the Squish milestone.

This update is available to all existing licence holders.

MHEG South Africa Test Suite

DTG Testing has released a MHEG test suite for the South Africa MHEG Profile v2. The profile references ETSI MHEG ES 202 184 and adds a number of extensions required for the South African market.

The test suite has the following functionality:

  • MHEG baseline
  • HD extensions
  • IC and ICS (optional for receivers in South Africa but always shipped in the product)
  • File System Acceleration
  • South Africa language support and platform identification extensions
  • SI access APIs
  • PVR extensions

The test suite is now available at a special upgrade price for current MHEG test suite licensees. To purchase the test suite please visit How to Buy a Test Suite