London Olympics Digital Terrestrial (Freeview) Engineering Channel Shutdown

DTG Testing will be implementing an Engineering Channel shutdown for all new and repeat over-air downloads on Freeview and Freeview HD (PSB1 (Mux1) and PSB3 HD (MuxB)) during the London Olympic games. The purpose of the shutdown is to minimise the risk to the platform and channels during this important viewing period. The shutdown starts at 22:00 on the 25th July 2012 and runs until 06:00 on the 15th August 2012.

No new downloads can be scheduled for air between these dates and no repeat downloads will be transmitted. Other DTG Testing facilities, including the receiver collection (‘zoo’), will remain operational: any new downloads submitted during this time will be scheduled to go live from 15th August onwards provided the OAD section file arrives at DTG Testing 5 working days before transmission in line with our usual procedure.

Engineering Channel members are strongly advised to schedule downloads in advance of the shutdown. Emergency downloads will be judged on a case-by-case basis and cannot be guaranteed.