Freeview NZ SI/PSI test suite

DTG Testing has released a new Freeview NZ SI/PSI test suite.

The FTP folder location is: NZ/SI2/20110825_SI_NZ_DTT_v2.1.0 .
Release notes can be downloaded from the FTP or found on Squish.

This release includes approximately 60 bug fixes – no new tests have been introduced. The test vector numbers have been restructured to ensure there is now a direct match between the test specification document and test results spreadsheet.

This release is a free update to all existing fully supported licence holders. It is now being used for conformance testing; the end-of-life for version 2.0.1 is 25 November 2011.

DTG Testing at IBC 2011

  • Digital TV industry’s ‘one stop shop’ for Connected TV, HbbTV, Freeview and Freesat expanded by introduction of full test and conformance ecosystem for Connected TV devices and applications
  • New state-of-the-art automated testing system introduced
  • Test materials for 3D currently in development
  • World-leading digital radio test facility unveiled
  • UK’s largest GTEM cell to provide both DAB and LTE testing
  • New Device Authentication System (DAS) enables catch-up TV offerings such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player on Freeview HD devices
  • Europe’s largest DTT and D-Sat receiver ‘Zoo’ extended to incorporate Connected TV and HbbTV receivers

About DTG Testing

DTG Testing is the digital television industry’s independent test centre, providing the product testing services used by manufacturers to demonstrate conformance to the Freeview, Freeview HD, Freeview New Zealand and Freesat trademarks and the ‘digital tick’ certification mark.

DTG Testing is a subsidiary of the Digital TV Group (DTG), the industry association for digital television in the UK. The test centre is not for profit and is run on behalf of the digital television industry, with all proceeds re-invested in providing world-leading test and conformance services.

DTG Testing is the UK’s only ISO17025 accredited test facility for DVB-T and DVB-T2 (Freeview and Freeview HD) test and conformance.

‘One stop shop’ for Connected TV, HbbTV, Freeview and Freesat test and conformance

DTG Testing, will be showcasing the full test and conformance ecosystem for Connected TV devices and applications at IBC 2011.

Visitors to the DTG stand (5.A45) will receive expert advice and information on D-Book 6.2.1 and D-Book 7 compliance for Freeview, Freeview HD and Freesat receivers, the ‘digital tick’ certification mark and hybrid broadcast/broadband ‘Connected’ devices and applications.

The DTG’s test and conformance regime for Connected TV is being developed in partnership with the UK digital television industry with the direct participation of organisations such as BBC, Freesat, LG, Opera Software, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sky, Sony, Talk Talk, and YouView. The new range of test suites, encompass Connected TV Delivery, Presentation, Metadata, Pay Services and Security.

Where possible Connected TV test suites build upon the DTG’s current range of Freeview HD test suites, with new test suites produced where it has not been feasible to extend current test suites.

DTG Connected TV test suites incorporate HbbTV and TV Anytime technology allowing a wider range of receivers to be tested against the specification, including products manufactured for sale in the UK and those designed for the European market. HbbTV test streams are available from DTG Testing to assist product development.

Automated testing

DTG Testing’s Connected TV test and conformance regime has been designed to incorporate the test centre’s new state-of-the-art automated test system which is currently being deployed for MHEG testing for the Freeview, Freeview HD and Freesat services.

The DTG’s automated test system utilises Mirifice’s Miriate testing system. Miriate is a proven automated test system for digital television receivers such as set-top boxes and integrated digital TV’s, and the services consumed through them – providing true ‘black box’ testing.

The system is able to automatically interpret the devices’ video and audio output, while controlling the device inputs and environment. This results in a significantly enhanced level of test repeatability and far greater economies of scale – with the system able to test up to eight devices at a time and run 24 hours a day without supervision.

Device Authentication System (DAS)

DTG Testing’s new Device Authentications System (DAS) provides a simple, cost effective mechanism for manufacturers to offer catch-up TV players such as BBC iPlayer or ITV Player on Freeview HD receivers. The DAS satisfies the requirements of content owners by verifying that relevant content is only released to a receiver with access to a UK broadcast signal and enables Freeview HD set-top boxes, digital televisions and digital recorders to identify themselves for internet-based catch-up TV services.

By establishing the DAS, DTG Testing can offer an ‘off the shelf’ device authentication system for any catch-up TV service, meaning that manufacturers do not have to develop their own solutions and negotiate individual DAS agreements with service providers.

The DTG Testing DAS pools the cost of developing and implementing the service between all manufacturers using the service, significantly lowering the price of developing and implementing an authentication system.

World-leading digital radio test facility

In 2010 the UK government published the Digital Radio Action Plan for introducing digital radio switchover by the recommended date of 2015. In light of this, DTG Testing was asked by the government to provide a test and conformance regime for digital radios.

The test facility includes the UK’s largest GTEM cell which has been constructed at the DTG’s new test centre in central London. The GTEM cell will be used both for conformance testing of digital radios and to test the co-existence of new services in the 800 MHz band (LTE) with digital terrestrial television.

3DTV test materials

DTG Testing is developing 3D test signals and sample footage to assist manufacturers of 3DTVs. The test materials are being developed to incorporate the upcoming DVB-3D signalling standards which are to be profiled by the DTG’s expert industry working groups.

Consulting projects

The Digital TV Group’s unique position makes it ideally placed to provide expert consultancy for organisations who wish to enter the UK market and for those developing services internationally.

The DTG’s team of core industry experts has been instrumental in the launch of services such as Freeview, Freeview HD and Freesat and the introduction of widescreen TV, DVB-T2/MPEG-4 and more recently, Connected TV.

The Group has extensive experience in the development and implementation of international platforms and conformance regimes in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.

The DTG offers the independent, impartial and expert consultancy to both members and non members that empower organisations to make informed management decisions, allowing them to take full advantage of business development opportunities both in the UK and internationally.

To arrange a meeting with the DTG at IBC, please contact:

Hannah Langston

Press and Communications Officer

+44 (0)20 7840 6528

[email protected]

Freesat SI/PSI test suite

DTG Testing has released version 1.5.1 of the Freesat SI/PSI test suite.

The FTP folder location is: /Freesat/SI/20110804_SI_FREESAT_v1.5.1

Release notes can be downloaded from the FTP or viewed here

This release includes fixes to documentation only and is a free update to all supported license holders. It is now being used for conformance testing; the end-of-life for the previous release is 15 November 2011.

Enquiries regarding this release should be sent to: [email protected]