MHEG HD Ext test suite release

DTG Testing has released an updated version of the MHEG HD Ext test suite for the UK, New Zealand and Australia platforms.

The FTP folder locations are as follows:

Freeview UK: /dvb-t2/MHEG/20110204_UK_MHEG_HD(Ext)
Freeview New Zealand: /nzfreeview/MHEG HD/20110204_NZ_MHEG_HD(Ext)
Freeview Australia: /aufreeview/MHEG/20110204_AU_MHEG_HD(Ext)

This release includes bug fixes only, all of which have been assigned to Squish MHEG milestone 20110204. For a list of all fixed issues please either download the release notes or view the milestone details directly in Squish.

This is a free update to all existing supported licence holders. DTG Testing is using the UK and NZ test suites for conformance testing from next Monday. The end of life date for the previous version (20101122) is May 11, 2011.

All D-Book 6.2.1 tests are marked on the test results spreadsheet and up until April 1, 2011 the results of these tests will be for information purposes only. Beyond this date all these tests are mandatory and the results will be included for certification.

Enquiries regarding this release should be sent to: [email protected]