• What is Freeview (the brand)?


    Launched in 2002, Freeview is the digital terrestrial platform (DTT) in the UK, available to virtually all homes across the UK via an aerial. Freeview offers viewers more than 50 subscription-free TV, radio and interactive services on DTT. It is managed by DTV Services Ltd, a company owned and run by its five shareholders (BBC, BskyB, ITV, Channel 4 and Arqiva).


  • Who is responsible for the Freeview brand and how do I get it?


    First you’ll need to demonstrate that your product meets the standard required by the Freeview trade mark license (TML).

    DTG Testing Ltd offer conformance test services for Freeview and can complete the tests quickly and cost-effectively. Products that successfully pass the conformance tests will be issued with a DTG Test report which needs to be sent to Freeview along with the TML request and supporting documentation.


                                                                         I. Specification


                                                                        II. Manufacturer


                                                                        III. DTG Testing run conformance test and produce test report


                                                                        IV.  Report submitted with TML request and supporting docs to Freeview


                                                                          V.  Manufacturer provides information and sample to DTG Zoo

  • What are the UK specific technical requirements?


    The UK specific technical requirements are all set out in the D-Book. The D-Book brings together all of the technical specifications and requirements needed to build a DTT receiver for the UK market. The first place to look is Chapter 22 titled the ‘Receiver Recommendations’.

  • What is the difference between pre-conformance and conformance and who is involved with each?


    DTG Testing Ltd provides the conformance testing to check that your product meets the requirements of the Freeview HD and Freeview Play Trade Mark Licenses. 


    DTG Testing Ltd offers a range of DTG test suites to help manufacturers carry out their own pre-conformance tests. DTG test suites come with comprehensive training and engineering support.

  • Can we self-certify?


    Although manufacturers can self test subject to certain conditions DTG Testing finds that it can be very helpful to manufacturers to have a completely independent test carried out on their products. This approach gives manufacturers the best possible chance of preventing future interoperability issues.


    For Freeview Play, some self-certifying is allowed, please contact Freeview ( mike.jones@freeview.co.uk ) for further clarification.

  • We are an ODM for brand name companies. Should it be us or the brand who applies to DTG Testing?


    This will depend on the contract signed between the ODM and the end-customer (brand name company). 


    DTG Testing usually receives requests from the companies which are directly involved in ensuring the platform is compliant with all the relevant requirements, as set out. This could range from the middleware supplier to the end-integrator. 

    For more information contact: customerservices@dtg.org.uk

  • Can I buy test streams?


    All test streams used for testing are available for purchase. Please contact customerservices@dtg.org.uk with a list of requirements and we will supply a quote. 

  • How long does a manufacturer have from when a new version of the D-Book is released to when it's mandatory to implement the new functionality in receivers?


    In general, all features introduced in a new version of the D-Book become mandatory for all HD products 12 months after publication. However, the relevant TML documents should be consulted for mandatory dates.


  • How much does it cost to join the DTG?


    Full Membership will put you in the best possible position to enter the UK market.


    Members have access to the Freeview technical specifications (the D-Book) and all outputs from DTG meetings and Working Groups.


    Prior to launch the DTG will help you make all the necessary connections in the UK TV market, including retail, channels and IP service providers, and after launch will provide ongoing technical and business support.

  • What is the process for joining and the licensing terms?


    Joining the DTG is easy and our membership team will help you every step of the way.


    The application process consists of two forms which need to be signed and returned to membership@dtg.org.uk, along with payment.


    On receiving your application, DTG Council have seven working days to approve your membership, after which our membership team will send you all the information needed to start taking full advantage of being part of the DTG.

Test Suites

  • What test suites do you licence?


    Full information is available on the Buy a test suite page. 

  • If I encounter a problem with the test streams or I have a question directly related to test streams what should I do?


    Problems with test streams should be entered into the DTG Testing squish project at https://www.squishlist.com/dtgtesting/users/.

  • What does it mean if I am unable to access a particular folder on the DTG FTP?


    This usually means that you do not have the licence for that particular test suite. To get a quote or to purchase a test suite please email: customerservices@dtg.org.uk.

  • What is the difference between Freeview+ and Freeview+ HD test suites?


    Freeview+ and Freeview+HD is sold as one test suite. It is a single test suite that tests receiver recording functionality for both SD (Freeview+) and HD (Freeview+HD) as defined in the D-Book.

  • What test suites does DTG Testing supply for Freeview New Zealand testing?


    DTG Testing supplies SI, MHEG, PVR and MHEG HD extensions test suites for Freeview New Zealand testing. 

  • What test suites does DTG Testing supply for Freeview Australia testing?


    DTG Testing supplies PVR and MHEG test suites for Freeview Australia. For any other tests suites please contact Freeview Australia directly. Also note that DTG Testing does not perform any Freeview Australia conformance testing. 

Testing Requirements

  • How long does testing take?


    Please contact customer services for details and prices.

  • What are the drivers for DVB-T2 adoption in the United Kingdom?


    DVB-T2 is already widely adopted in the UK and is radiated from all DTT main station and relay transmitters. DVB-T2 is used to carry HD H.264 content, and the motivation for buying a DVB-T2 capable receiver is the ability to receive HD content.


    The HD channels that are currently available are described on the Freeview website here:- http://www.freeview.co.uk/what-we-offer/freeview-hd


    Five more HD channels will be launching soon (using DVB-T2), with test transmissions already happening in London. The news of this new HD launch is here:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2013/bbchdchannels.html


  • Do you have a technology roadmap for the next three years?


    Refer to ‘shaping the future’ timeline

  • When can you test my product?


    Lead times for product testing vary, and we encourage manufacturers to book slots as far in advance as possible. Most manufacturers book product tests approximately two months prior to the required testing date. 


    Manufacturers are also encouraged to reserve a retest slot when booking a test.

  • We have one platform for multiple customers (various brands), would a single test be sufficient for all models of the same series?


    Yes, ODM suppliers can have their platform tested and certified. These test results can be used by all end-user companies to obtain their certificates as long as the receiver meets the chassis criteria outlined below. 

    However, each company will need to make separate applications for each individual model to both Digital UK and Freeview, for the grant of the appropriate licences.


  • Our new receiver is based on one that is already conformant. What do you need to retest?


    We determine that a previous test will cover a new receiver if:

    ·         The SI code is unchanged to the model previously tested (including AFDs and Subtitles)


    ·         The MHEG Engine is identical


    ·         The RF section, including tuner and demodulator hardware is unchanged


    ·         The new receiver has at least the same amount of memory available to the MHEG engine as the previously tested model

  • Can you do one-off and ad-hoc tests? How much are they and how long do they take?


    We can do reduced coverage testing. The duration and cost will be quoted when you apply, based on the tests to be covered.



  • 什么是Freeview(品牌)?


    2002动的Freeview是英国的数字地面平台,通过电视天线几乎所有英国的家庭可以接收到它。Freeview依靠DTT平台为观众提供多达50多个免订阅的电视,广播以及交互性服务DTV Services 有限公司负责管理此项品牌,该公司由5个股(BBC, BskyB, ITV, Channel 4 Arqiva)拥有以及运营 

  • 谁是Freeview品牌商标的负责人?我如何才能获得此项品牌?














                                                                        制造商提供DTG Zoo产品信息以及样

  • 英国特定的技术需求包含哪些?



  • 预先一致性测试和一致性测试的区别在哪?以及每类测试所包括的参与方?


    DTG Testing有限公司所提供的一致性测试适用于检测您的产品是否符合Freeview HD Freeview Play 标许可证的需求。


    DTG Testing有限公司提供一整套DTG测试套件产品帮助制造商自行进行预先一致性测试,同时在此之上,公司还提供了易理解易掌握的培训课程和工程时可靠的支持 

  • 我们能够进行自我认证吗?


    虽然制造商在具备一定条件下是可以进行自我测试与认证,但是DTG Testing依据以往经验发现让一个完全独立的第三方对制造商的产品进行完整测试,可以给制造商的最大程度上防止将来产品可能发生的互操作性问题

    对于Freeview Play 接受器, 只有部分自我测试认证是允许的,更为详细的要求和信息请联系Freeview mike.jones@freeview.co.uk ) 

  • 我们是一家给品牌公司们做ODM设计制造商,请问是我们还是品牌商向DTG Testing 提交申请?



    通常DTG Testing收到的初始申请多数是来自公司是直接参与负责确保产品平台符合所有相关需求,涉及到的公司范围可能包含从中间件提供商到最终整合商


    需要更多详细信息请联系 customerservices@dtg.org.uk

  • 我能购买用于测试的流文件吗?


    所有用于测试的流文件都可以被购买,请联系customerservices@dtg.org.uk 并提交您的需求列表,我们将回复跟您相应的报价。 

  • 在新版D-Book发布之后和要求接收器必须实现新版中的新功能之前,制造商可以有多长的适应时间?




  • 加入DTG的会员费是多少?







    仅如此,提前加入DTG将会给您带来在英国电视市场所有必要的资源联结,包括零售,频道和联网务提供商, 以及之后持续的技术和商业上的强力支 

  • 加入和获取会员资格许可的时间与流程是什么?









  • 哪些测试套件是你们有权进行授予许可证?



  • 如果我遇到或者想询问有关测试流文件的问题,我需要怎么做?


    所有与测试流文件的相关问题与咨询,您可以选择提交到DTG Testing 的客户问题跟踪项目网站上(squish project)或者直接联系support@dtg.org.uk  

  • 为什么我不能访问DTG FTP某些特定的目录?



  • Freeview+ 与Freeview+ HD 测试套件有何区别?


    Freeview+ Freeview+ HD 测试套件是整体进行销售的。 它是用于测试接收器的录制功能是否满足D-Book所定义针对SD(Freeview+)HD(Freeview+HD)功能的单一测试套件。 

  • DTG Testing可以提供哪些用于测试Freeview 新西兰平台的测试套件?


    DTG Testing针对Freeview新西兰平台提供涵盖SI, MHEG, PVR

    MHEG HD 扩展部分的测试套件。 

  • DTG Testing可以提供哪些用于测试Freeview 澳大利亚平台的测试套件?


    DTG Testing 针对Freeview 澳大利亚平台只提供PVRMHEG测试套件。关于其他任何测试套件的咨询请直接联系Freeview澳大利亚. 此外特别申明DTG Testing不提供任何Freeview澳大利亚相关的一致性测试。 


  • 完成一套完整的测试流程需要多久以及费用是多少?


    Freeview 一致性测试需要8.5工作日完成, 

    Freeview HD(高清晰) 测试需要16.5 工作日完成, 



  • 什么是英国采用DVB-T2的驱动力?


    DVB-T2经广泛在UK推广使用,已经从所有DTT的主要发射站以及中继转播发射DVB-T2是用于HD H.264(高清晰)电视内容,所以获取HD高清晰的电视内容是购买具备DVB-T2接受能力的接受器的主要动力。






  • 如何了解未来三年技术发展的道路与方向?


    请参阅 塑造数字化未来时间 

  • RF 测试的通过标准是什么?









  • 您会在什么时间测试我的产品?






  • 我们有一个用于服务多个用户(不同的品牌)产品的平台,请问针对此平台的单个测试是否足够满足该平台上同一序列所有模型的测试需求?




    但是,为了从Digital UKFreeview获取适当的商标许可,这些公司需要为每个单独的模型提交单独的申请表格。 

  • 我们的新型接收器是基于已经通过一致性测试的模型,请问您需要重新测试该产品吗?




    ·         与之前通过测试的模型相比(包含AFDsSubtitles, SI 编码没有改变。


    ·         新旧产品的MHEG引擎是完全一致的。


    ·        RF部分包括调音器以及解调器硬件没有改变


    ·         新型接收器至少具备与之前通过测试的模型同样大小的可供MHEG引擎使用的内存空间

  • 请问您能够进行一次性或者特定的测试吗?一般需要多久,花费是多少?



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